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We are
honest & committed


We’re committed enough to invest, curious enough to innovate, experienced enough to guide, young enough to question and mature enough to respond intelligently.

Through these values, we make better happen.

For our team:
By empowering our team to maintain flexibility in their lives. A better life balance allows our team to bring passion and focus to their work and personal lives.

For our community:
Supporting community initiatives close to our hearts. We’re proud to support The Rising Foundation, Ronald MacDonald House and Eat My Lunch.

For our planet:
Actively seeking sustainable solutions for every aspect of a product - from ingredients, sourcing, packaging and transport. That’s also why we want to work with products that are better for you, offer better lifestyle choices and tell a better story.

Ask us how we can make better happen for your brand


Tim Oakes

Company founder Tim benefitted from good old fashioned parenting with a hard work ethic, accountability and respect for others being instilled at a young age. A favourite saying of his father was this: "If you do something just for money, that's what you will get, just money". As a result, Tim believes in building both businesses and people. He values long term relationships, leading by example, helping people realise their full potential and giving back to his wider family and community. He also has a strong belief in the need to promote better exercise, nutrition, balanced diets and a healthy lifestyle. These core philosophies are best captured in the quote "People often doubt what you say, but they believe what you do".


James Norris

As CEO and Shareholder, James has the passion of food in his blood. From a very young age he spent hours in his grandfather’s bakery, his father’s delicatessen and later his mother’s cafe. There he developed a passion for making better happen in the food industry by bringing back quality ingredients and products so that Kiwis have better options in the pantry, leading to healthier lifestyles. And 12 years on Acorn Group is the vehicle to deliver this passion every day. James’ focus is on driving brands through an internal culture of performance all the while ensuring the business remains curious, honest and committed.


Prasad Shankar
Financial Accountant

As Financial Accountant, Prasad is making better happen by acting proactively and closely with the vibrant Acorn Group team. After decades of experience working in New Zealand and international businesses, he knows that identifying key financial insights helps a business quickly and efficiently realise its potential and optimise opportunities. As an advocate for healthy lifestyles, Prasad loves the fact that his work contributes to a business and vision that truly walks the talk.


Nicole Irwin
Brand Manager

As Brand Manager in the FMCG environment, Nicole has found a passion for fast-paced marketing where innovation and strategy drives new product development and research. With a background in sales and stakeholder relationship roles Nicole uses her commercial acumen to guide creative communication. By challenging perceptions, defining positioning and tailoring brand strategy to audiences she achieves better engagement and better outcomes.


Abby Mattock
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Abby is making our everyday business relationships better by listening carefully, identitfying issues and creating individualised solutions. Her natural calm and organisation ensures logistics, distribution and procurement all run smoothly locally and internationally. With a love for food and exercise Abby believes wholeheartedly in Acorn Groups passion for bringing better to consumers.

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